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Compassion, Creativity, Code
Building for the animal protection movement since 2019

Compassion, Creativity, Code


We are a global community of passionate animal advocates offering our skills in building technology for the animal protection movement through design, development, and data. As capacity builders, we deliver innovative and quality services at no cost to advocates and organizations.

Our team is composed of highly-skilled and professional software engineers, designers, data scientists, and content creators. By leveraging our diverse background and skill sets, we design and build data-driven projects that aim to be effective and experimental.

Our capacity-building services are how we contribute to the movement. Leveraging our vast network of volunteers, we collaborate with individuals and organizations to offer web development, branding, and advisory services.

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Every project we release is 100% free for everyone. We believe in accessibility and transparency, and our projects reflect those values.



Compassion, Creativity, Code

Are you a developer, designer, writer, or a creative professional interested in applying your digital skills for the animals? Learn more about our team members and view our openings below.

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January 31
Meet the Vegan Hacktivists: Gabriele Bernotaite

This month, we're diving into the story of the voice behind the content from Vegan Hacktivists and Violet Studios. Meet Gabrielė, VH's Communications Director! Originally from Lithuania, Gabrielė now travels the world and advocates for animals by spreading the word to help other organizations help animals. Dive in to discover the challenges Gabrielė has encountered since joining VH, what could have prompted her to embrace veganism earlier, and what led her to a career in communications!

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January 1
Meet Violet Studios: Our Design-Centered Sister Organization

On our 5th anniversary here at Vegan Hacktivists, we're proud to introduce Violet Studios — our sister organization dedicated to elevating branding and design in the animal protection movement.

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December 16, 2023
Granti: Revolutionizing Grant Management in Animal Advocacy

Discover Granti, a tool that transforms the landscape of animal advocacy funding. Navigating the process of grant management is now a breeze, as Granti offers a one-stop portal with customizable features for both grantees and funders. From intuitive dashboards to collaborative tools fostering shared applications and co-funding opportunities, Granti is the breath of fresh air the animal advocacy sector needs.

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