Compassion, Creativity, Code
Building for the animal rights movement since 2019.

Compassion, Creativity, Code


We're a diverse community of passionate vegan activists from all around the world, volunteering our time and skills towards the animal rights movement. We build free technology and offer free services with the goal of reducing or stopping the mass amounts of suffering caused by factory farming.

We do this for the animals - we do this because coding is our way of doing our part for activism. If you believe in the work we do and want to support us, please consider a small donation via our Patreon! It means the world to us and the animals to have your support.


Every project we release is 100% free for everyone, we don’t do premium versions, advertisments, or sell user data what-so-ever.


Compassion, Creativity, Code

Are you a developer, designer, writer, or other creative professional wanting to use skills for the animals? We're always looking for more vegan activist volunteers to join our team! If you're interested and have the time to spare, click to see our positions.

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We regularly post project updates, announcements, interviews, and other fun stuff here! Thanks for reading!

November 16
Meet The Vegan Hacktivists: Team Leader Joaquín Triñanes!

This month we get to learn about Joaquín, the team lead of Team Avocado! Team Avocado is a unique team in that th...

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November 9
Level 5 Vegan? From Silent Vegan to Activist

I think this goes through the heads of a lot of people once they go vegan: I won't be "that vegan". It certainly went through mine. I was dead set in my head that going vegan was enough, that I didn't need to do anything more. That everyone was entitled to their choices, and I was doing my part in removing my demand from the animal exploitation market.

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November 2
We'll be at Animal Alliance Conference Asia 2021!

We'll be speaking about Vegan Linguists at the 2021 Animal Advocacy Conference Asia! Animal Advocacy Conference Asia (AACA) is a platform for animal justice advocates...

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