We Are Vegan Hacktivists

We're a group of passionate Vegan Activists that volunteer our time and skills towards projects assigned to us by You Are Their Voice. Every project we volunteer on aims to help spread compassion through Veganism by supporting both vegans, non-vegans and activists in some shape way or form. We commit to one project a month, with a cooldown period every three months.

Every project we release is 100% free, we don't do premium versions, micro-transactions, merchandise, user data collection, or advertise what-so-ever.

We do this for the animals, we do this because coding is our way of doing our part for activism. If you want to support us, please consider a small donation via our Patreon, it means the world to us and the animals to have your support.

Our Advisors

We're so grateful to have the direct feedback and support of experienced and knowledgeable vegan activists!

Join our group

Become a Vegan Hacktivist and be a part of the growing animal rights movement with your activism!

We're always looking for more developers and designers to help out on our monthly projects! If you'd like to volunteer with us and you have an hour or two a day spare (or a day or two a week), we'd love to hear from you! We could use all the help we could get.

You'll need to be familiar with or willing to learn how to use Github, GitKraken, Trello, and similar collaborative tools for developers. Please be familiar with setting up a local environment as-well! If none of that sounds daunting, or even better, easy, you'll have no problem integrating!

Currently we're seeking full-stack web developers, LAMP, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Angular, etc. We often work with Laravel (a PHP framework) for the majority of our projects. If you don't have experience with Laravel, no problem! We'll be happy to help you get familiar with it. :)

Contact us to learn more about joining our group and volunteering by joining our discord here!

Our Projects

Once a month a new project is assigned by You Are Their Voice that helps further veganism and activism!



A comprehensive guide to becoming a vegan activist! Browse pre-screened organizations that need your help spreading veganism both online and locally. Quickly find local vegan events and meetups in your area and access a variety of resources to begin your activism journey.

December 2018Visit this project



Our vegan robots are constantly scanning social media for people we think are looking for help with going Vegan. Use our site to quickly find folks, copy relevant helpful resources, and offer support in seconds! In just 5 minutes you can help 5 or more people become Vegan right now.

January 2019Visit this project



Track your Vegan impact by adding people that have gone or are going Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant-Based, etc, because of your activism! Add custom labels and colors to organize your tree. Attach other accounts to your tree by username and their live tree and stats added to your own!

February 2019Visit this project



Find and share inspirational Vegan videos! Spread the Vegan message with our curated playlists, or create your own from our huge video library. Quickly create custom playlists for your friends and family that would connect with them, or discover videos that help with your activism!

March 2019Visit this project