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November 29
When Daily Activism Meets Gamification: Introducing “Today For Animals”

Are you looking to make a difference for the animals? We have plenty of ideas for you – actually, more than just a few! Check out our latest project, "Today For Animals", and sign up today so that we can all be active changemakers for the animals, today and everyday.

November 15
Are Animal Advocates Tech-Savvy? Insights From Our Movement

Technology can be a game-changer for social movements, and the animal protection movement is no exception. In this blog post, we explore our recent study about the ways our movement leverages technology.

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October 27
Go Ahead and Get Your Capacity Built

ADP has provided free legal counsel to over 300 animal protection nonprofits over a span of seven years. Through these partnerships, we've come to realize the unwavering commitment of these nonprofits towards their cause. However, their passion alone isn't enough to drive long-lasting change.

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August 17
Recap of AVA Summit 2023: In Words and Photos

Our team flew into sunny Southern California to attend one of the largest animal advocacy conferences in the world! Read more to see what we've learned and how we spent our time at AVA Summit 2023.

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July 19
Meet the Vegan Hacktivists: James Morgan

You've heard the big news and now it's time to get to know our new Executive Director, James, and his vision and plans for the organization.

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July 19
New Horizons for VH Leadership

We're excited to share some big news about leadership transition here at Vegan Hacktivsts! Read more to see what's in store for us.

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June 27
Thriving Together: What I've Learned From LEAD Conference 2023

Our founder and executive director, David, shares an important concept on how to work with people from all backgrounds.

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April 20
Transforming Animal Advocacy with ChatGPT

These days, it's nearly impossible to scroll through the news without encountering some new mention of ChatGPT. With its advanced language capabilities and human-like responses, the AI chatbot has captivated the attention of tech enthusiasts, businesses, and the general public alike.

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March 28
Top 5 Brand Design Challenges in Animal Advocacy

We're kicking off this new blog series with a look at the top challenges related to creating a brand and identity for your organization — and how to overcome them.

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March 1
Meet the Vegan Hacktivists: Vikram Singh

Vikram Singh, originally from Vancouver and now based in London, lends his skills as a Product Manager to Vegan Hacktivists (VH) to ensure all of our products and services are as useful, usable, and impactful as possible to support the cause of animals.

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