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Check out the requests below to find volunteer or paid opportunities to help the animals. Are you an individual or organization seeking support for your work? Submit a request of your own!
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Logo for Plant Product Award Needed (Paid Position Possible)

Posted: 4 days ago
We are looking for a hero for the animals to transform the food industry towards more plant-based foods in Latvia with your logo design skills! Our organization "Dzīvnieku brīvība" ("Animal Liberation") will run a Plant Product of the Year survey in February to reward Latvian businesses that introduce new tasty alternatives to animal-based products. This survey motivates the industry to take the plant-based trend seriously and offer more and tastier products that in turn help more people adopt a plant-based diet. However, for the survey to have an impact, the award needs to be attractive... We lack design capacity and would be very grateful for help with creating the logo of the Plant Product of the Year award that will be used in various publications and offered to the winning companies to use on their websites, product packaging and more. Some examples of the style we are looking for: - V-Label International Awards https://awards.v-label.com/live/en/page/home - similar survey in Slovakia https://jemprezem.sk/rastlinny-produkt-roka-2021-vysledky/ - in Poland https://storage.googleapis.com/roslinniejemy-wp-media/sites/1/2022/02/Image-from-iOS-1536x1058.jpg - in Czech Republic https://rostlinne.cz/pro-media/#graficke-podklady - Rainforest Alliance logo https://www.google.com/search?q=rainforest+alliance&sxsrf=AJOqlzUp0nS0MPjuvCAeQjoWWCFWQafcKA:1674485634502&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiV6rOL-d38AhV6QvEDHfGsDZkQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1920&bih=947&dpr=1#imgrc=X24pSlguKkEFSM We can discuss details (format, necessary text etc.) via email. :) Please contact me at alise.miluna[at]dzivniekubriviba.lv with your portfolio. For a highly experienced, fast-working professional with a suitable style, a paid position can be discussed, but as a small NGO we are ever so grateful for volunteer contributions.
  • Requestor: Alise Miluna
  • Due in: 2 weeks, 1 day
  • Organization: Dzīvnieku brīvība
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

Spanish speaking mentor Challenge 22

Posted: 4 days ago
If you are a Spanish speaker, you’ve been vegan for over six months, have patience and empathy for new vegans and the motivation to help make the vegan population grow, you’re exactly what we’re looking for! 🙂 Our Challenges take place within Facebook groups, and we ask our Challenge mentors to be present in the group on a daily basis. Our goal is around 10 comments or an hour a day (can be dispersed throughout the day). After your application is received you will be asked to send a Facebook message to one of our coordinators who will start you in our training program, the Challenge 22 Mentor School. Once you’ve been placed in our training program, you will learn about Challenge 22 and receive all the guidance needed in order to help our Challenge participants 😀 The training must be completed in order to join our mentors team. It’s very fulfilling to help people that are already open to veganism in their first steps. Research shows that one of the leading factors that help vegans stay vegan is having a supportive vegan environment, and that is what we’re all about! Volunteering in the Challenge will teach you a lot! You will be working alongside some of the kindest, smartest and most supportive vegans in the world!
  • Requestor: Doris Nemes
  • Due in: 11 months, 2 days
  • Organization: Animals Now
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

Security Consultant / Expert / Advisor needed

Posted: 1 week, 3 days ago
We are seeking an individual to provide guidance to animal protection organizations on their security measures. This is a high-impact role that will assist organizations with limited or inadequate security in maintaining their operations and preventing disruptions. Your responsibilities will include consulting with organizations that contact us, evaluating their security status and identifying any other concerns, and offering practical suggestions for improvement! We imagine the role may take 2-3 calls and anywhere from 3-10 hours in total per organization. Thank you for volunteering to help the animals with these very specific skills, we appreciate it!
  • Requestor: David van Beveren
  • Due in: 3 weeks
  • Organization: Vegan Hacktivists
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

Support in developing new social media assets

Posted: 1 month, 1 week, 5 days ago
Hello! We are a small non-profit organization based in Portugal, that was established in 2006, and is currently one of the few NGOs actively working towards the goal of making a plant-based diet more widespread among the Portuguese population, while also collaborating with other international organizations to facilitate that shift on a EU-level. At the moment we are planning to adopt more effective and captivating social media templates to use in our social media communication, and are hopeful that VeganHacktivists will be able to assist us in creating new assets. Thank you for your support! Nuno Alvim AVP
  • Requestor: Nuno Alvim
  • Due in: 1 day
  • Organization: Portuguese Vegetarian Society
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

Visuals Designer

Posted: 1 month, 2 weeks, 2 days ago
Creating static and animated content for social media, newsletter and website content, as well as possibly posters for live events and similar visuals. This is an ongoing role. A predicted 4 hours a week on average.
  • Requestor: Owen
  • Due in: 11 months, 2 days
  • Organization: Animal Think Tank
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

I am looking for a WordPress developer to help with some features

Posted: 1 month, 3 weeks, 2 days ago
Hello! I am building an MVP in WordPress. It's a booking platform for a two-sided market. I am using a theme that has most of the features the MVP needs. Recently, I found a few issues: 1. The site and email notifications for guide and guest bookings do not work (All other notifications work fine.) 2. When the tickets for a particular activity are sold out - the calendar doesn't provide the "sold out" visibility to the users, and users can still book the listing that is technically unavailable to them. 3. The theme I am using is built in such a way that some questions on the listing submission form are repeated, but they play an important role in functionality. I just need to change some wording in the listing submission form and make some questions "Required field." Thank you for your time!
  • Requestor: Natalia
  • Was due: 1 week, 6 days ago
  • Organization: Kinder Day
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

Building website using Wordpress

Posted: 1 month, 3 weeks, 3 days ago
We would like our website https://ourplanettheirstoo.org/ to be created using a Wordpress template (it is not about migrating it to Wordpress but creating it again from scratch with Wordpress)-
  • Requestor: Vanile Ashkanovna
  • Was due: 1 month, 1 day ago
  • Organization: Our Planet. Theirs Too.
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

ASAP Drupal Website Help

Posted: 2 months ago
The big launch of Latvia's yearly vegan challenge (10k+ participants) is due next week but our website still needs some updating. Our specialist has been delaying constantly over the last couple of months and the situation is looking sketchier every day, so I'm hoping to find some back up, in case our current specialist doesn't come through. As for the updates needed: (1) Our new visual identity needs to be implemented, all the materials are ready to go (colors, images, one new block) (2) Some work on the API connection with our email provider MailerLite, so that people who subscribe on the website actually get registered on the emailing list. We'll be very happy with any extra help we can get, so if someone here could only help with one of the above-mentioned, that would still be great! The challenge is called "Neapēd zemeslodi" (Don't Eat Up The World) and is a very popular campaign here in Latvia, every year helping thousands of people go vegan or reduce their intake of animal products. You can have a look at the website here: https://neapedzemeslodi.lv. Thank you for considering this and wishing everyone a wonderful day! Lily
  • Requestor: Lilita
  • Was due: 1 month, 3 weeks, 3 days ago
  • Organization: Dzivnieku briviba
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

Map notes platform UI makeover

Posted: 2 months, 2 days ago
Map notes platform, LeelaMaps, has many search and submission features, and now needs a tidy, intuitive interface. (Urgency: Leela, the designer, is occupied as a single vegan mom of an infant, and has included templates for mapping animals in distress, sanctuaries and ecoactivities.)
  • Requestor: Leela Hann-Soden
  • Was due: 1 month ago
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

Seeking Master of Twitter

Posted: 2 months, 2 weeks ago
Hello vegans! I humbly seek help promoting my site on social media, starting with Twitter. My site is www.compassionisanaction.com. In a nutshell it allows vegan activists to make "Actions", which are shareable links to details of that action. I already have 3 really big names in Toronto using the site (Jenny McQueen, Camille Labchuk and Jo-Ann McCarthur) and I'm continuing to add more all the time. I also have about a dozen organic users. It's time I start expanding the team and take on a social media expert, starting with twitter and then we'll be branching out to all the other main ones. I expect this site to be used worldwide by ALL the big names in vegan activism as they can each make their own accounts and promote their owen actions to their followers. Join me in creating a HISTORIC platform that will enable creators to lead their followers to do millions of concrete real world actions. Please include all relevant social media experience, your vegan story, and your availability. Thank you so much and I very much look forward to speaking with any applicants. Sheldon
  • Requestor: Sheldon Stewart
  • Was due: 1 month, 1 day ago
  • Organization: Compassion Is An Action
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

Wordpress.org support needed

Posted: 2 months, 3 weeks ago
I have several interesting sites, incl. sustainablepetfood.info, animalexperiments.info, humanelearning.info. For cost reasons/ease of updates I use wordpress.org with Divi page builder for all, so needing someone that can help with wordpress sites. I need to (i) upgrade PHP versions for all - support needed for that, (ii) redesign/upgrade some sites. I'd like to start with my simplest: livestockimpacts.info.
  • Requestor: Andrew Knight
  • Was due: 2 months, 2 weeks, 3 days ago
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

Animal Sponsorship Christmas Campaign

Posted: 2 months, 3 weeks ago
We wish to launch a campaign for Animal Sponsorship as Christmas gifts. To do this we need help to redesign and edit our animal sponsorship page on our website which is hosted by Wix. We also need to design and launch campaign material We would welcome your help
  • Requestor: Becky Harkcom
  • Was due: 2 months, 4 days ago
  • Organization: Piece of Heaven Vegan Project
  • Compensation: Volunteer role

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