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The Vegan Hacktivists started as a one-man team with the goal of launching one project per month to help further the vegan cause by supporting both vegans, non-vegans and activists. After launching our first project (midnight, new years of 2019) VeganActivism.org, I was overwhelmed by the response and generosity that came from the vegan community offering to volunteer for us!

Since that day we’ve grown to 50+ volunteers of developers, designers and content creators that work close together in small teams working on several projects at a time. As time went on we slowly gathered the attention and support of several well-known activists, organizations, and vegan communities. We’ve been incredibly humbled to have had the chance to support organizations such as Meat The Victims, Animal Rebellion, The Save Movement, and more!

From top left to right, Pablo, Gerard, David. Bottom left to right, Malina, Samantha, Brock. From top left to right, Pablo, Gerard, David. Bottom left to right, Malina, Samantha, Brock.

We currently have 5 teams, team sweet potato 🍠, team broccoli 🥦, team eggplant 🍆, team banana 🍌 and team carrot 🥕 — these teams have their own developers, designers and project leaders that manage their assigned projects respectively. Whether it’s an idea of our own that we think could help further the vegan cause, or if it’s an organization or activist that’s approached us for help, we work non-stop to hit our goal for spreading peace and compassion through our animal rights activism.

We do this for the animals, we do this because coding is our way of doing our part for activism. Every project we release is 100% free to use for everyone, we don't do premium versions, micro-transactions, sell user data, or do advertisements what-so-ever. If you want to support us, please consider a small donation via our Patreon, it means the world to us to have your support.

We routinely meetup at vegan events, communicate daily using hangouts, and play games together during our breaks and weekends. Volunteering behind a worthy cause is empowering, but having tight-knit friendships and fun activities really bring us together and reinvigorate our passion in working harder for the animals. If this sounds like a group you'd like to volunteer for, and you have the time, please click over here and find out how!