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Grants for a kinder world

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Seed Funding Grants

We connect you with funders providing up to $1,000 USD in seed funding for animal rights activism! We seek individual and grassroots groups whose primary purpose is to help reduce suffering for farmed animals.

Before applying, make sure you meet these qualifications:

Step 1

Your primary goal should focus on reducing farmed animal suffering. Factory farming causes over 100 billion animals to suffer deprivation, fear, and pain every year.

Step 2

You must have prior activism experience, whether in animal rights or other social movements. We're looking for people who have worked on and contributed to grassroots campaigns and/or projects, in a paid or volunteer capacity.

Don't meet the qualifications above? You may still be eligible for funding! Apply and we'll forward your application to other potential funders.

If you meet the qualifications, fill out the application form below.

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In addition to seed funding, succesful applicants can receive:

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Our grants connection service is generously funded by The Pollination Project (TPP) and other private donors— please keep an eye out in your inbox, and don't forget to check spam!

If your primary focus does not address farmed animals, you may still be eligible for a grant directly from TPP. We encourage you to apply through their website.


Application Form

We'd like to understand more about you and your work to see if this partnership is a good fit. Given that we have observed a recent trend of application submissions being primarily generated by AI, we will be declining any submissions that we believe to not be authored by you or your team. Our goal is to understand your unique vision, mission, and plans,not to review We encourage you to leverage such tools to support, not replace, the content of your grant application.

Section A - About you

If you're under 18 the form must be filled by your parent or legal guardian
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Section B - Your project

Section C - Budget

Your project's budget is a very important part of your application. Our team often uses this information to support their final decisions. Keep in mind that the budget items you list are ones that will serve to complete your proposed project, so be very specific in how the requested funding will be used.
Please note, all information in this section should be given in US Dollars (US$).
I confirm that I have a bank or PayPal account that is in my name or my organization's name and that can receive grant payments in US Dollars. I confirm my understanding that - with the exception of my fiscal sponsor, if applicable - TPP is unable to make grant payments to any other person or entity on my behalf. I understand that if TPP reviews my proposal and decides to make an offer of funding, that offer is conditional on the ability to accept funds to an account in my name or in my organization's name.


Compassion, Creativity, Code

Are you a developer, designer, writer, or a creative professional interested in applying your digital skills for the animals? Learn more about our team members and view our openings below.