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Weโ€™ve worked with over 200+ organizations in the animal protection movement, through our development, design and advisory services.


Here are just a few of the projects weโ€™ve built for the movement and in collaboration with other partners.

  • Wild Animal Suffering

    Wild Animal Suffering

    This educational and beautifully illustrated website presents the many issues facing wild animals, why it matters, and how people can make a difference.

  • Watch Dominion

    Watch Dominion

    Watch Dominion provides easy and multi-language access to one of the most promoted documentary in the vegan movement, Dominion, by Chris Delforce.

  • Vegan Linguists

    Vegan Linguists

    A free content translation service allowing organizations to submit content and volunteers to translate contentโ€” helping make veganism more accessible worldwide!

  • Activist Hub

    Activist Hub

    Activist Hub is the world's first animal rights social network and outreach dashboard that provides activists with the ability to monitor their impact through real data and analytics!

  • Vegan Bootcamp

    Vegan Bootcamp

    A free vegan challenge website with over 50 courses that will take you step-by-step towards a vegan lifestyle. Each course includes reading material, videos, quizzes, and more!

  • Animal Rights Map

    Animal Rights Map

    With over 2,500 groups, browse the largest collection of local animal rights activist groups all in one single map! Filter and find what suits your style of activism best.


Other projects

  • Pitch FTA
  • Animal Rights Advocates
  • Animal Protection Capacity Builders
  • Animal Support Bot
  • 3 Movies
  • Vegan Activism Bot
  • Vegan Cheat Sheet
  • 5 Minutes 5 Vegans
  • Vegan Activism

Our Design Work

Our sister organization, Violet Studios, provides design services at no charge for animal advocates and organizations. Whether itโ€™s branding, document design, web design, or other high-impact areas of design, weโ€™re here to help vegan organizations look sharp, build trust, increase reputation, and unite people.
9600+ Hours
volunteered in 2022 for the animal protection movement
What impresses me most about the Vegan Hacktivists is their high level of critical thinking in terms of ideation and their consistent follow through. This has resulted in several high level deliverables I have been able to use and highly recommended to others.
Courtney Dillard
Mercy for Animals
Iโ€™m really excited by the potential Vegan Hacktivists have for the animal protection movement. Progress is full of tipping points, and Iโ€™m sure at least one of these lives within a technological solution offered by this skilled community of advocates.
Ben Williamson
Compassion In World Farming
Vegan Hacktivists is an innovative organization leveraging technology to make a large-scale impact for the rights and dignity of animals. They have gone above and beyond in supporting our organization with their expertise. Their work is extremely needed and on the cutting edge for the time we live in.
AJ Dahiya
The Pollination Project
Vegan Hacktivists is a hidden gem in the animal protection movement. They are capacity builders, dedicated to supporting other animal advocates. Weโ€™ve been fortunate enough to receive their help with several behind the scenes projects, and Iโ€™m constantly impressed with their passion and professionalism.
Brooke Haggerty


We manage these large communities of passionate vegans and activists, helping us empower a new age of volunteers and activism

1,400,000+ members

Read Our Tech & Data Study

We launched the first-of-its-kind study to understand how our movement leverages technology. With guidance from Faunalytics and research conducted by Animetrics, our 50-page report explores challenges and opportunities across various topics such as employment and workforce, websites and applications, social media, data collection and analysis, and security. Our recommendations are meant to provide actionable solutions for stakeholders and community members on how we can become a more technological, data-driven movement.

Read the report
State of Tech And Data In The Movement

Our seed funding GRANT PROGRAM

Last year, we announced a partnership with The Pollination Project to offer seed funding to individuals and grassroots organizations. Hereโ€™s what weโ€™ve accomplished to date.

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Vegan Hacktivists and Violet Studios is collaborating with ProVegโ€™s Kickstarting for Good incubator to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for transforming our food system. Together, we are looking for the most impactful approaches and best talent in this area!

Join us if youโ€™re ready to bring to life ideas that can significantly enhance the global food ecosystem. Applications for our 2024 cohort are now open until May 26th!

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VH Playground

Playground was our response to meet the overwhelming demand of tech and design support in our movement, while staying sustainable as an organization with limited capacity. We prioritized automating the process of connecting organizations with technical, design, and other support needs with skilled volunteers.

Beyond design and software development, these volunteers are professionals with a wide array of skills and backgrounds in data science, videography, marketing, security, research, and much more.

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Playground volunteers
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Sharing Our knowledge & support

We're often speaking at animal protection and EA related conferences every year and around the world! Be sure to look out for our booth or speakers, we'd love to meet you and see where we might be able to support your work. Follow us on Instagram to see where we'll be next!

Malina Tran at CARE Conference
Malina Tran at CARE ConferenceData & Tech in Animal Rights Activism
James Morgan at AVA Summit
James Morgan at AVA SummitTech Innovation in Animal Protection
Vegan Hacktivists team at the Animal & Vegan Advocacy Summit


Get in touch if youโ€™d like to volunteer, support our work, or make use of our services!