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Supporting the Animal Protection Movement

Our services

As capacity builders, we offer our skills and services to the animal protection movement. From development and design to content creation, volunteers, and operational advice, we're here to help elevate your work for the animals.


If you're an independent activist or organization with little to no funding, you're the ones we want to help! We support advocates who have few resources dedicated to website design, development, and/or have limited knowledge or time to build it themselves.

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Our sister organization, Violet Studios, offers several design services across branding, web design, document design, and more. They collaborate closely with you to understand who you are and what your needs are, so that they can best curate your digital presence.

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Do you have an idea that would help bring us closer to a vegan world? Whether it's an app, event, or media that you are interested in producing, we'll help get the resources you need to get your idea off the ground. If the concept is aligned with our work, we'd be happy to explore partnerships.

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We connect you with funders providing up to $1,000 USD in seed funding for animal rights activism! We seek individual and groups whose primary purpose is to help reduce suffering for farmed animals.

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Our advisory and core team members have a plethora of experience in tech, design, and nonprofit management. We are happy to advise individuals and organizations to the best of our abilities, whether it be technology, organizational strategy, marketing, or fundraising.

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Given our capacity and your organizational needs, we may consider taking on paid projects that need dedicated or priority support. If this is your situation, please contact us below and we will explore how best to scope the work to fit within your budget.
If you'd like to discuss any of our service offerings, please use our our contact form to get in touch. We do our best to promptly respond to every inquiry.