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Data-Driven Activism

Our mission
Our mission is to build new, data-driven, disruptive, and innovative projects to help see an end to animal exploitation. We believe the animal protection movement has five fundamental areas it can improve on that we aim to solve through the work that we do.

Our mission

1. We need more data in our movement.

We can’t realistically track or be confident that the projects and organizations out there right now are as effective as they can be. We strongly believe this is the largest issue in growing our movement, and so we aim to build, utilize, and gather data through our projects and network – and then share that data.

2. We need more competition, too.

We strongly believe competition is not only healthy but vital in growing and improving our movements’ effectiveness. Competition puts healthy pressure on other organizations and projects to keep building, improving, and innovating – and gives them more data on what works, and what doesn’t work.

3. We need to be more innovative.

We believe the movement has a lot of room and potential to be more innovative in its approaches. We promote, both through our work and our advisory program, to think outside of the box, to make innovation a core consideration of every part of the building process.

4. And we need to start collaborating.

We aim to help organizations and activists connect and collaborate in more meaningful ways. We need to utilize our networks with the idea of supporting our shared goals, whether that means sharing data, helping allocate resources and people, or general support in organizational challenges.

5. Finally, we need more vegans to become active.

Only a tiny percentage of the world is vegan, and a fraction within are active. Many organizations focus on converting vegans whether through health, environmental, or ethical reasons. We believe we can also be effective by creating tools to help, inspire, and motivate more vegans to become activists.
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