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Data-Driven Activism

Our story
We started in 2019 as a one-person team with the goal of building a simple animal rights tech project. After the launch of our first project, VeganActivism.org, we were overwhelmed by the response of people wanting to help us build more projects for the movement!

Our story

Since that day we’ve grown to 100+ volunteers

Most of which are mainly composed of developers, designers, and other types of content creators that work closely together in teams. As time went on, we quickly gathered the attention and support of several well-known vegan activists, organizations, and communities. We’re so grateful to have had the chance to support and work with so many amazing organizations and activists!
We have seven development teams, one design team, one content team, and one specialist team, making up a total of 10 active teams in the Vegan Hacktivists. Each team has around 8 members, and each team has it’s own leadership and separate independent work that they do. Some are building new projects, some are maintaining our most active projects, while others are building tech and supporting other organizations that requested our help.
Whether it’s an idea of our own to help further the vegan cause, or if it’s an organization or activist that’s approached us for help, we work non-stop to hit our goals through our animal rights activism. We do this for the animals, we do this because coding is our way of supporting the movement.

Every project we release is 100% free to use for everyone

We think promoting veganism should never be behind a paywall, we do not do premium versions, microtransactions, sell user data, or do advertisements whatsoever. If you want to support us, please consider a small donation via our Patreon, it means the world to us to have your support.
We routinely meet up at vegan events, communicate daily using hangouts, and play games together during our breaks and weekends. Volunteering behind a worthy cause is empowering, but having tight-knit friendships and fun activities really bring us together and reinvigorate our passion in working harder for the animals. If this sounds like a group you’d like to volunteer for, and you have the time, please click over here and find out how!
Apply for a $1000 VH seed grant
We're excited to offer grants for oustanding, and effective, animal rights activism!
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