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New Horizons for VH Leadership

Written by Vegan Hacktivists Team | July 19, 2023

Change is an inevitable part of any growing organization's journey, and we are thrilled to announce a leadership change at Vegan Hacktivists. David van Beveren, who founded VH in 2019, will now serve as Founder and President, focusing on setting the organization's direction, strategy, and fundraising efforts. James Morgan, previously our Director of Operations, will be stepping up as the new Executive Director.

Under David’s leadership, VH grew from a one-person team to an organization of over 50 active volunteers, four full-time employees, and over 2,000 volunteers within our Playground network. Our portfolio includes 15 in-house and innovative software projects and through our capacity-building services, we have served over 200 organizations on various tech, design, and advisory services. In his new role as President, David will be responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy of the organization, ensuring alignment with its mission and goals. He will also continue to focus on fundraising by building and fostering relationships with donors. Additionally, David will focus on building partnerships and representing the organization in various events and capacities.

“It's been so exciting to see James, who started as a volunteer with us just a few years ago, step up as our new Executive Director,” says David. “James has been an invaluable addition to our organization, helping lay the foundation for us to be where we are now. We’ll continue to work together closely and support each other to ensure not only a seamless transition, but that we continue to intentionally and effectively build the organization. I have full confidence that he will guide us to new heights.”

We are thrilled to introduce James as our new Executive Director, stepping into this vital leadership position. James brings a wealth of experience in product management and business analytics, and has a deep commitment to our mission. He first volunteered at Vegan Hacktivists outreaching and onboarding grassroots organizations to Activist Hub before becoming our Director of Operations. In this most recent role, he has provided tailored support to advocates and organizations, overseen seed funding disbursement, and helped ensure the smooth running of the organization. (To get to know James more personally and read about his vision for the organization, read his interview here.)

“I'm thrilled to take on this new role at Vegan Hacktivists, an organization I'm proud to lead into its next chapter of impact with passion and energy,” says James. “I'm looking forward to seeing how we can increase its reach in helping mission-aligned non-profits around the world grow and advocate effectively for change for animals.”

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