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Accelerating AI ideas for Animals: Our Collaboration with ProVeg

Written by Vegan Hacktivists Team | June 26, 2024

After seeing AI ideas gradually emerge in our movement and hearing time and time again how the agricultural industry has already implemented AI into its operations, we knew it was time to step in and offer our support to level the playing field. Last month, we teamed up with ProVeg Incubator to combine our strengths and seek out our movement’s most creative minds. We’ve partnered to leverage AI for transforming the food system and improving the lives of animals, and we’ve been on the lookout for the most innovative and impactful AI ideas in our movement.

Unleashing the Potential of AI

AI is poised to disrupt various industries, including the food system. However, while AI adoption is picking up speed, the plant-based and animal advocacy movements have been slower to integrate these advanced technologies. The Kickstarting for Good program, part of ProVeg’s Incubator and accelerator initiative, aims to bridge this gap. By working together with ProVeg, we aim to fast-track AI solutions within our movement.

“Talking to over 100 experts, we have identified AI as one of the high-potential ‘Idea Areas’,” says ProVeg’s founding president Sebastian Joy. “Kickstarting for Good seeks to support effective ways to use AI to improve animal advocacy and transform the global food system. We’re very excited to work together with Vegan Hacktivists and Violet Studios to achieve this. Our joint goal is to identify the strongest founders and most impactful AI-focused ideas”.

The Program's Impact

Selected participants who’ve submitted their AI ideas to help animals will benefit from a 10-week expert-led program that includes an intensive curriculum, mentoring, and exclusive networking opportunities. The participants will team up with like-minded co-founders, spend two weeks in Berlin, and receive a grant to cover travel and accommodation costs. The program culminates in a Pitch Day, where participants can showcase their projects and secure further support.

“AI technology is accelerating at a speed that demands for us as a movement to focus on finding solutions that help animals, by incubating and supporting ideas from the global community”, says David van Beveren, VH’s founder and president. “Currently, we’re seeing a real gap in both new and novel AI-based ideas and the organizations available to support them.”

The program offers participants comprehensive evaluation and guidance that will help them fine-tune their budgets, assess cost-effectiveness, and develop a change strategy. Additionally, participants will receive fundraising support and exposure to major funders, on top of support in branding, website design, and other technical aspects to elevate their project's visibility.

Bring Our Technical, Branding, and Design Expertise

At VH, we are dedicated to providing the technical backbone for these innovative projects. Our services include web development for AI-driven platforms, advice on the technical feasibility and an assessment of the potential application of these projects, cost analysis, and scope and impact evaluations. Additionally, we serve as a community link, connecting projects with technical resources such as software developers and product managers. Our goal is to ensure these AI initiatives are not only technologically sound but also well-supported by a robust network of professionals.

Our sister organization, Violet Studios, plays an important role in this initiative by focusing on the design and branding aspects. This ensures that AI-driven projects have a strong technical foundation and a compelling visual and strategic presence. This will help elevate the visibility and impact of these projects, making them more effective in advocating for animals.

Looking Forward

As the applications for the 2024 cohort have closed, we’re excited about the potential impact of these projects. By combining technical expertise, design prowess, and strategic support, we hope to provide all the resources needed for innovators to make a difference in the food system. Stay tuned for updates on the progress and successes of these initiatives!

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