Your New Vegan Homepage: Daily Nooch

Written by Emily Brewer | Feb 3, 2021

The internet is a vast collection of websites and pages, it’s difficult not to get lost in all the information thrown your way. In the vegan community alone there are various Instagram feeds, subreddits, recipe blogs, and so much more. It’s impossible to keep up with the latest news and posts unless you’re connected to the internet 24/7. For this very reason, we created your new homepage: Daily Nooch!


What is Daily Nooch?

Daily Nooch is a single-page website that has compiled all the most important and latest vegan information to keep you updated with a single glance. The site features recent news, fresh posts on r/vegan, nutritional facts, memes, and more. Daily Nooch also incorporates a few of our own projects such as 5 Minutes 5 Vegans to get your daily activism in, Animal Rights Map for an update on new vegan groups around you, and Vegan Bootcamp to learn something new today. We highly suggest you check out our in-depth blog posts about 5 Minutes 5 VegansAnimal Rights Map, and Vegan Bootcamp to learn more.


Photo by Kyle Hanson on Unsplash


We recommend that you click the “…bookmarking this page” button to simplify your daily internet routine. This way you will always be in the loop and up to date on all things vegan. No other vegan website provides a new fact daily, with changing recipes to try, all alongside new articles and a meme of the day! Your support means the world to us, so head on over to and tell your friends! 

About the Author
Emily Brewer

Hey, I'm Emily! I'm Canadian and I've been vegan since 2018. I have a variety of passions including slow fashion, sustainability, and of course, animal welfare. Thanks for stopping by! 🐷🐰🐮