We're assembling a new Data & Analytics team! 🍓

We've just started up a new team dedicated to collecting and analyzing data on both Vegan Hacktivists as an organization and the projects that we make. For the past 2 years we've been gathering random statistics on each project but haven't done much further. 🍓

This team, unlike our other teams, is dedicated to data. Team Strawberry's job is to first analyze what data we already collect per project, what data we should be collecting in addition, assign developers to build the data collection we need, and then collect and analyze that data for presentation to leadership. We'll take this data and periodically release 3 month reports on the effectiveness our active projects are achieving, and then use this data to see what our next steps are for either those projects and future ones. 👋

We want to be more effective, and Team Stawberry is the key to that. Team Strawberry is led by our new Project Leader, Suan Chin, an Data Scientists and AI Engineer. She's currently recruiting through our applications that feature data experts as we speak for Team Strawberry. We've never been as excited as we are now for this new team, and we're looking forward to telling you more about the team when it's assembled! 🙋🏻

If you'd like to support our work, please check out our Patreon!

We hope everyone had a great holiday and new years! 🎉

About the Author
David van Beveren

David van Beveren founded the Vegan Hacktivists in 2019. He lives in the Netherlands in a committed relationship with his 16 plants. In his spare time he moderates the /r/Vegan community, plays his handpan, or does various forms of animal rights activism in his local community.

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