Introducing Vegan Bootcamp - A Simplified Transition to Veganism

Vegans are all too used to telling someone about their lifestyle and being met with the classic, “I could never be vegan, it’s way too hard” response. Thanks to our latest project in partnership with Peta, vegans now have the perfect answer to this, The site is an entirely free course-based challenge designed to provide all the information you need to easily transition to a vegan lifestyle. 

Vegan Bootcamp Explained

Vegan Bootcamp isn’t like your typical 30 days of vegan challenge. It’s an entire website filled with lessons that will teach you all the tools needed to be confident in going vegan. There are courses on dairy, vegan fitness, common arguments against veganism, and many more. These courses also include readings, engaging videos, documentaries, and quizzes to ensure you have that knowledge down pat.

Why use Vegan Bootcamp

Deciding to go vegan can be challenging. You now have to consciously think about the ingredients in everything that you eat and you need to make sure you have your facts straight when you are inevitably challenged about your new lifestyle. This transition can be especially overwhelming when trying to find the answers to all your questions. Vegan Bootcamp helps solve this issue by placing a vast amount of information all in one place. 

There is no time frame that the courses need to be completed within. This allows everyone to absorb the information at their own pace. The top of the course page displays the percentage you have completed to reach your goals. You can also customize these goals to better reflect the exact knowledge you are looking to gain.

Other added benefits include the option to request a mentor or a dietician to support you and ensure your lifestyle change is done safely and effectively. You can earn rewards as you complete each course. These rewards allow you to unlock tons of discounts at participating vegan stores, food, books, and more. Also, there is an added feature of a community forum where you can introduce yourself, ask questions, make suggestions, and maybe even make some friends along the way! 

How to use Vegan Bootcamp

Using Vegan Bootcamp is so easy that you’ll learn all the knowledge you need to be confident in a vegan lifestyle in no time. Just make your way over to and sign up! As soon as you’re logged in, you’ll see the whole list of courses and you can get started! 

Once you’ve racked up enough stars, simply click the number of stars you have in the top right corner. This will take you to a page where you can redeem your stars for awesome discounts. Go get redeeming! 

The team happily worked so hard on this amazing project and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have released Vegan Bootcamp. We want to ensure that the vegan-curious, new vegans or even experienced vegans have all the tools and knowledge needed to confidently be vegan. We understand that adopting a vegan lifestyle is not always simple. It's easy to get lost in various books, thousands of webpages, and millions of articles. Vegan Bootcamp simplifies everything you need to know in one convenient spot and earn rewards along the way. So head over to right now and get earning those stars!

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