Vegan Campout and other updates!

Vegan Campout and other updates!

We've been busy!

Long time no update! We've been busy with several projects, but we'll expand on those in separate posts later today (some on patreon) - keep your eyes peeled! :)

We just got back from Vegan Campout 2019 in the UK, our project leaders were able to meet for the first time in person and we were able to make several new connections with different activists and organizations as a result!

We met up with Extinction Rebellion's animal-counter "Animal Rebellion" and had a fantastic meeting with them over what we could help them with. You can learn more about what Animal Rebellion does by visiting their website here: 

We'll be working with them in the very near future so stay tuned!

We've expanded our team by around 25 people, which includes a brand new team "Team Banana" and 15 new content creators that will be helping us with blogs, social media, and any content needed for our current or upcoming projects. We'll be ramping up the quality of content we push out immediately thanks to these amazing vegan volunteers!

More posts coming up today very soon, see you there and thanks for your support!

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David van Beveren founded the Vegan Hacktivists in 2019. He lives in the Netherlands with his partner and 4 girl rats. In his spare time he spends time on reddit moderating the /r/Vegan community, playing his handpan, or doing various forms of animal rights activism.