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Meet Violet Studios: Our Design-Centered Sister Organization

Written by Gabrielė Bernotaitė | January 1, 2024

As the New Year rolls in, it brings new beginnings, especially for us at Vegan Hacktivists. This January 1st is not just our 5th anniversary, it's also the day we launch a significant new chapter. We’re proud to introduce Violet Studios — our sister organization dedicated to elevating branding and design in the animal protection movement.

Blossoming Beyond its Origins

Violet Studios is the professional visual design team originally from VH. The team initially focused on design support for our tech services, but it quickly grew into something much larger. Time and time again, our team witnessed a strong demand for specialized design services within the movement. Recognizing design’s value, it began offering standalone design services. As the word spread, the demand for design services skyrocketed.

In the last year alone, our dedicated design team has assisted more than 50 organizations and activists, saving the movement hundreds of thousands of dollars. Achieving this with just one full-time Creative Director and a team of volunteer designers was no small feat. It led us to dream bigger about what could be accomplished with increased focus and support. This dream has now been realized with the formation of Violet Studios.

Turning Over a New Leaf

Violet Studios emerged with the understanding that visual design plays a crucial role in advocating for social and institutional change, yet is often seen as a luxury. Our sister org’s goal is to make high-quality design accessible, aiming to uplift and amplify the messaging of the animal protection movement through free, authentic, and professional design services.

Shifting from VH’s tech-centric approach, Violet Studios operates with a design-first mindset in both strategy and decision-making. Its aim is to build a stronger design community within the animal advocacy movement and establish a distinctive organizational design culture.

In addition to providing design services, Violet Studios is also focused on offering branding and visual design guidance, filling a notable gap in the movement. The value of design is often underrated, and Violet Studios is poised to address this by educating and sharing resources about design's significant impact.

With a Bright Journey Ahead

We are more than excited to watch our sister org embark on this journey, and we have no doubt that the impact it’s going to make will be bigger than ever. Stay connected and follow Violet Studios on Instagram and LinkedIn, for upcoming educational posts on design's role in animal advocacy!

Are you representing an organization working on creating change for animals, and are in need of design support? Reach out to Violet Studios to find out how you can work together!

About the Author
Gabrielė Bernotaitė

Gabrielė combines creativity and strategic insight in content creation and social media. She utilizes her background in media and communications to advocate on behalf of those who cannot advocate for themselves, aiming for the highest impact possible. A notable part of her activism is her contribution to a national fur farming ban, an achievement set to save millions of animals from cruelty and exploitation.