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When Daily Activism Meets Gamification: Introducing “Today For Animals”

Written by Gabrielė Bernotaitė | November 29, 2023

Think back to the first time you learned about animal suffering. Maybe it was through a secretly recorded video or an investigative news article. You probably felt a mix of hopelessness and confusion, unsure how to help or even where to start. This feeling might still be familiar in your daily life, when you're eager to take immediate action, though your usual work is part of a bigger, ongoing journey.

This is where our newest project, “Today For Animals,” steps in. It's designed to turn those feelings into effective advocacy, right here and now. We're thrilled to unveil this initiative!

Meant for Everyone, Every Day

“Today For Animals” (TFA) is a user-friendly web app, crafted to make the fight for animal protection simpler for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned activist or just someone keen to help, this project encourages small, daily actions for animal protection. It features a variety of activities, from simple to challenging, all aimed at making animal rights participation straightforward and accessible to everyone, no matter their background or location.

David van Beveren, the founder of Vegan Hacktivists, explains, “We believe that activism isn't just about years of experience or the time spent on a single action. Whether it's something monumental or a small daily gesture, every act counts towards challenging the exploitative system and making a difference for animals.”

Turning Activism into a Game

TFA is more than just a helping hand. It introduces a fun, game-like element to activism. Each action earns users kudos and a spot on the leaderboard. Completing various animal-friendly tasks also lets users collect beautifully designed badges for their profiles. These include whimsical titles like “Nobel Peace Grazer”, “Non-Dairy Visionary”, and “PhD in Veganometry”. You can check out the badges here!

Another exciting aspect of TFA is the daily streak feature. By visiting the app at least once a day, users can keep their streak going. This gamification of activism illustrates that fighting for animal rights can be a daily adventure – especially when you're scrambling to maintain your streak before midnight!

Take Action Today

Don’t miss out on this exciting new project. Be one of the first to earn kudos and make a difference for animals today. Experience firsthand how you can act for the animals, right here, right now. Today. For the animals!

About the Author
Gabrielė Bernotaitė

Gabrielė combines creativity and strategic insight in content creation and social media. She utilizes her background in media and communications to advocate on behalf of those who cannot advocate for themselves, aiming for the highest impact possible. A notable part of her activism is her contribution to a national fur farming ban, an achievement set to save millions of animals from cruelty and exploitation.