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We're constantly working on new projects every month, whether they're ideas of our own or supporting organizations and activists that reach out to us. Below is a list of our work, and which of our teams that worked on it.

Animal Save Movement

Save's mission is to hold vigils at every slaughterhouse and to bear witness to every exploited animal. They also run the Climate Save Movement and Health Save Movement that promote reversing catastrophic climate change and make plant-based diets accessible. We built thier website and managed their ads campaigns. β€’ Apr 2020 β€’ Team Eggplant πŸ†

Animal Rebellion

We are a mass movement that uses nonviolent civil resistance to bring about a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system, as an attempt to halt massive extinction, alleviate the worst effects of climate breakdown and ensure justice for animals. We've both partnered with AxR and built their website. β€’ Mar 2020 β€’ Team Banana 🍌

Vegan Bootcamp

Vegan Bootcamp is a brand new 30 days or less challenge website for non-vegans! You'll be learn everything from how to eat out, common fallacies, animal welfare, clothing, environmental impact, philosophy and nutrition. You'll watch documentaries, make new recipes, visit sanctuaries, and much more! β€’ Oct 2019 β€’ Team Sweet Potato 🍠

Meat The Victims

Meat The Victims is a new generation of the growing community of citizens willing to disobey unjust laws together to abolish animal exploitation. Locking down inside the very places the animals are hostage and allowing the public to meet the victims of their choices. β€’ Aug 2019 β€’ Team Broccoli πŸ₯¦

Vegan Cheat Sheet

The Vegan Cheat Sheet is a collection of vegan resources, studies, links, and much more, all tightly wrapped into one link. Find videos, studies, music, communities, tools, nutrition information, books, facts, debunked myths, and much much more! Designed to be a vital link to share with new vegans! β€’ Jul 2019 β€’ Team Eggplant πŸ†

Planet Vegan

Planet Vegan takes a deep dive into the world of veganism and explores the main players behind the rapid growth of the vegan movement, while offering an informative and non-judgemental platform for vegan-curious people to learn about a movement that is taking the world by storm. β€’ Jul 2019 β€’ Team Eggplant πŸ†

Rancher Advocacy Program

Last year on July 18th, Renee and Rowdy Girl Sanctuary launched the Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP), the world’s first successful cattle ranch divansition to a non-profit sanctuary model. Today – one year later – three more ranches are transitioning with more ranches in the works for 2020 and beyond. β€’ Jul 2019 β€’ Team Eggplant πŸ†

Vegan Tokyo

Welcome to Vegan Tokyo. For information on veganism, links to vegan restaurants, shopping, groups, recipes and event information click on the tabs above. Our mission is to support and help the Japan vegan community to grow, and also to connect to the worldwide vegan movement). β€’ Jun 2019 β€’ Team Eggplant πŸ†

Plant Dining Partnerships

Plant Dining Partnerships provides resources to increase plant-based food options throughout foodservice industries in all communities, emphasizing food swamps, highlighting competitive price, taste and convenience opportunities. We look forward to cultivating relationships with businesses! β€’ Apr 2019 β€’ Team Eggplant πŸ†

Vegan Playlist

Find and share inspirational Vegan videos! Spread the Vegan message with our curated playlists, or create your own from our huge video library. Quickly create custom playlists for your friends and family that would connect with them, or discover videos that help your activism! β€’ Mar 2019 β€’ Team Sweet Potato 🍠

Peace By Vegan

I am an animal liberation activist currently based in Los Angeles, CA. I spend most of my time creating social media content on youtube and instagram to connect people with the injustice animals go through on a daily basis. In my first year of making content, my videos have been seen over 5 million times. β€’ Feb 2019 β€’ Team Eggplant πŸ†

My Vegan Tree

Track your Vegan impact by adding people that have gone or are going Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant-Based, etc, because of your activism! Add custom labels and colors to organize your divee. If you invite and attach other accounts to your tree by username you'll be able to see their live tree (and stats) get added to your own! β€’ Feb 2019 β€’ Team Eggplant πŸ†

5 Minutes 5 Vegans

Our vegan robots are constantly scanning social media for people we think are looking for help with going Vegan. Use our site to quickly find folks, find, copy and edit relevant helpful resources, and offer support to potential vegans in seconds! In just 5 minutes you can help 5 or more people become Vegan right now. β€’ Jan 2019 β€’ Team Broccoli πŸ₯¦

You Are Their Voice

At this very moment animals all around the world are being enslaved, abused, raped, tortured and killed; needlessly exploited for food, clothing, and our pleasure. They experience fear, they divy to run, and they scream and cry out for help, for an end of their suffering... but they have no voice. You are their voice. β€’ Dec 2018 β€’ Team Eggplant πŸ†

Vegan Activism

A comprehensive guide to becoming a vegan activist! Browse pre-screened organizations that need your help spreading veganism both online and locally. Quickly find local vegan events and meetups in your area and access a variety of resources to begin your activism journey. β€’ Dec 2018 β€’ Team Eggplant πŸ†