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Check out the requests below to find volunteer or paid opportunities to help the animals. Are you an individual or organization seeking support for your work? Submit a request of your own!
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If you are an individual or organization that needs help with your work in helping the animals, you can apply to receive free support from our Playground community.
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Animal Advocacy Careers
Looking for a job or career in animal advocacy?Check out Animal Advocacy's job board which connects you to exciting animal nonprofit jobs with high potential for helping animals.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is VH: Playground exactly?

Playground is a community of passionate vegan volunteers looking to support animal advocates and organizations by volunteering their time and skills. Their diverse skill sets include software development, design, content creation, marketing, and much more. Anyone can join this community and apply to help you with your request.

Playground is separate from the Vegan Hacktivists team, and aims to increase the capacity in which we can support your work for the animals.

How does it work if I want to submit a request for a project?
How does it work if I want to volunteer my time here?
Are people applying to my request qualified?
Is it possible to get support from the VH team?
How long does it take for my request/application to get accepted?
As a volunteer, can I stay updated on new requests that come in?
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Are you a developer, designer, or have other skills to contribute for animals? Join our vegan volunteer Discord community and meet others in Playground!
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