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Written by Emily Brewer | Oct 7, 2020
We worked hard to create VeganPlaylist.org to make it easier for you to consume and share vegan content. With VeganPlaylist.org you can either chose from already curated playlists or customize your very own! Some examples of the playlists include, “30 Arguments Against Veganism Debunked”, “Must See Vegan Documentaries”, and “The Easy Vegan: Quick Vegan Recipes.” There are plenty of factors that motivate an individual to go vegan. There is no universal video that will resonate with everyone. When you choose a playlist that closely aligns with an individual’s interests or values (health, environment, ethics, etc) your message is more likely to inspire the viewer.Why Use Vegan PlaylistIt can be difficult to convince a non-vegan to read a vegan related scientific article or book. These playlists provide an easily digestible format to learn all about the many facets of veganism. They can be adapted to all interests, from someone who has never heard of a vegan lifestyle to a person who is teetering on the edge of going vegan. These playlists aren’t just for vegans to send to a particular person, they are also for those who are already vegan. The site is a great source for learning new recipes, fitness, and how to win a vegan debate! How to use Vegan Playlist Visit VeganPlaylist.org and the homepage will already display a ton of informative playlists suited to the topic you are looking for. Below the title of the playlist, there are three useful icons. If you click, “Share” you’ll be prompted all the sites you could possibly want to share the playlist to. Beside this button, there is the “Copy URL.” If you click this the URL will automatically be copied and you can paste it anywhere you desire like an email or a text message. Lastly, to the right of the copy URL button is the total time of the particular playlist you are looking at. This is a great useful tool to further assess if the playlist is right for the person you will send it to. If the receiving individual has time and is very interested, a longer playlist may be suitable. Otherwise, it might be best to opt for a shorter playlist. 
If you are interested in curating your own playlist, look to the top center of the page. Here, you can fill in the name of your new playlist and click, “Create.” This will then take you to a page with various videos you can select to suit your theme. If you click on the coloured tags at the top of the page, they will filter the video results to relate to the topic of the tag selected (i.e Documentary, Fitness, Humour, etc). All of these videos are pre-approved by our team to ensure the most effective, accurate, and appropriate content. If we are missing a video that you believe to be beneficial, please contact us here.  To Sum up Vegan Playlist was created to help vegans and the vegan-curious easily find curated videos, whether for themselves or to send to a friend in mind. The site will help you save from endless hours searching for videos on YouTube, easily share playlists to social media, and efficiently determine the best-fit playlist for the viewer. Videos are an extremely necessary and effective tool to spread awareness of a vegan lifestyle and expose animal cruelty. Head over to veganplaylist.org right now and start sharing!
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Hey, I'm Emily! I'm Canadian and I've been vegan since 2018. I have a variety of passions including slow fashion, sustainability, and of course, animal welfare. Thanks for stopping by! 🐷🐰🐮