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Building projects with impact

Retired projects
Unfortunately no matter how fun or interesting the idea is, not every project creates impact the way we'd like — or address the problems it aimed to solve. While not every project succeeds, each project has helped us learn and grow as both a community and as individuals. See our maintained projects here.

Daily Nooch logo
Daily Nooch

Daily Nooch is your one-stop source for daily vegan news, resources and inspiration! Designed to be your homepage, get the latest news, quotes, art, memes, facts, videos, and much much more updated every day. We're always adding new daily content, so you‘re guaranteed to always find something, fun, new or inspirational by visiting our website and bookmarking Daily Nooch in your favorites!

Release date
Nov 2020
Retired date
Mar 2022
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Vegan Playlist

Find and share inspirational vegan videos! Spread the vegan message with our curated playlists, or create your own from our huge video library. Quickly create custom playlists for your friends and family that would connect with them, or discover videos that help your activism!

Release date
Mar 2019
Retired date
Mar 2022
My Vegan Tree logo
My Vegan Tree

Track your vegan impact by adding people that have gone or are going vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, etc, because of your activism! Add custom labels and colors to organize your tree. If you invite and attach other accounts to your tree by username, you’ll be able to see their live tree (and stats) get added to your own!

Release date
Feb 2019
Retired date
Apr 2022
You Are Their Voice logo
You Are Their Voice

At this very moment, animals all around the world are being enslaved, abused, raped, tortured, and killed, along with needlessly exploited for food, clothing, and our pleasure. They experience fear, they try to run, and they scream and cry out for help, for an end to their suffering… but they have no voice. You are their voice.

Release date
Jan 2019
Retired date
Dec 2021

Have an idea for a project?

We're all ears! We'd love to hear your ideas for projects that can help empower the animal rights movement, if we like it, we'll build it! While we do get a lot of project suggestions every month, we do consider every single one. If you rather build it yourself and want advice, no problem - get in touch!


Compassion, Creativity, Code

Are you a developer, designer, writer, or other creative professional wanting to use skills for the animals? We're always looking for more vegan activist volunteers to join our team! If you're interested and have the time to spare, click to see our positions.