Vegan Hacktivists

Our core values

We know that promoting and embracing strong core values for our organization is vital in recruiting diverse and talented volunteers from all over the world. By making our community safe and welcoming for everyone, we build a more productive work environment in which all of us can thrive and be the best version of ourselves when fighting for the animals.

Animal Liberation

We value and respect the lives of all animals and denounce all forms of violence and exploitation against them. We believe animals have the right to be free, and we fight for that with our activism.


We practice a love-based organizational approach. We exercise kindness, compassion, and nonviolence. We encourage every member to fearlessly and openly communicate with leaders.

Safe Community

We believe in building and fostering inclusive communities regardless of race, gender, species, age, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. We strive to be diverse and embrace growth in improving ourselves.

Farmed Animals

We believe farmed animals are in most need of our support, and thus as an organization we encourage and focus primarily on farmed animal liberation within our activism, projects, and support.

Open Feedback

We value the viewpoints, feedback, and criticisms from every person, we believe everyone has something of value to contribute to the discussion. We always listen first, then respond constructively.


We believe the discrimination and oppression of our friends, family, and activists affects both their right to well-being and their ability to fight for animal liberation – we aim to support our community.

Note: We value working with all organizations that can help further the cause of farmed animals, regardless of fundemental differences in approaches or views.