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Here are our fantastic partners whom we support and are supported by. Take a look at them below, visit them, and support the amazing work they do!


Join thousands of animal rights activists in revolutionizing street activism. Join us in the streets to expose the exploitation of farmed animals and inspire a kinder, vegan world. For the first time ever, using We The Free’s DnA, you will be able to understand the full impact and statistics of your street activism. We The Free is powered by Vegan Bootcamp's technology.

WeTheFree.wtfPartner since 2020


Animal Rebellion is a mass volunteer movement demanding that the government end the destructive animal farming and fishing industries, and lead a transition to a just, sustainable plant-based food system. We recognise that a plant-based food system is the only system that can minimise the risk of climate breakdown, halt mass extinction and social collapse.

AnimalRebellion.orgPartner since 2019


Building innovative digital tools + creating powerful networks for online and offline action = a new generation of whistleblowers for animals. Shine a light on Animal Agriculture using our interactive map. Animal rights activists can communicate, collaborate, and network with one another to be as effective as possible in their work towards animal liberation.

Counterglow.orgPartner since 2020


PETA exposes animals suffering in laboratories, in the food industry, in the clothing trade, and in the entertainment industry. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an American animal rights organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, and led by Ingrid Newkirk, its international president. The nonprofit corporation claims 6.5 million supporters.

PETA.orgPartner since 2020


Our mission is to bring the laws of supply & demand to US farm policy so that when we vote against animal-based foods with our wallets, demand actually falls. Today those mechanisms are largely absent from the free market, as subsidies and bailouts have effectively disconnected big animal ag from basic free-market economics.

VeganJusticeLeague.comPartner since 2019