We're challenging challenge 22+ 👊

We're challenging challenge 22+ 👊

It's the website that everyone recommends. It's the first thing that pops into your mind when you're sending someone a link to go Vegan. We want a piece of that real-estate because we think we have a better take on it - something more effective, self-sustaining, and rewarding. Take our challenge and you won't just be vegan, you'll have the knowledge of  a 5 year vegan veteran that knows exactly where to eat, how to shop, you've seen the movies, watched the classic videos, read the blogs, know the tips, the fallacies, etc.

Earn coins by completing challenges and then spend those coins on coupons with participating stores/organizations selling Vegan products. There's even more to come but for now we'll have to leave it at this - expect to see us release this project within the next few weeks! We've coined it "The Plant Challenge" but we're open to suggestions for other names, so let us know in the comments below!

Thank you everyone for making this possible! :) 

About the Author
David van Beveren

David van Beveren founded the Vegan Hacktivists in 2019. He lives in the Netherlands with his partner and 4 girl rats. In his spare time he spends time on reddit moderating the /r/Vegan community, playing his handpan, or doing various forms of animal rights activism.