Vegan Cheat Sheet: a stop for all your vegan needs!

Vegan Cheat Sheet: a stop for all your vegan needs!

When people find out that I’m vegan, there’s often an onslaught of questions that follow, such as: 

“Is it hard to be vegan in Taipei?” Nope, it’s not hard being a vegan here at all! There’s a flourishing vegan community and plenty of vegan restaurants!

“Is traveling hard as a vegan?” Nope! There are resources like HappyCow to find vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants practically anywhere.

I’m always happy to answer these questions and discuss veganism. I like to think that my transition to veganism was quick and painless, so I didn’t have many of the concerns that people who are considering making the change do. Even so, I still come across resources that make it that much easier every now and then.

For a new vegan, embarking on the lifestyle may seem much more daunting, especially if you live somewhere less vegan-friendly. The last blog post discussed our Vegan Bootcamp and the 30-day challenge that can help you slowly transition, but if you just want to jump in, then the Vegan Cheat Sheet may also serve you well.

The Vegan Cheat Sheet is a convenient one-stop shop for any vegan resources you may need, whether that’s recommended documentaries to show a friend or links to talented vegan recipe-creators. You can find information on all aspects of veganism, as well as studies, activists and activist groups, and news. There are also links to vegan fashion lines and vegan food delivery services.

Today, being vegan is easier and more important than ever. Whether or not you’ve made the transition, the Vegan Cheat Sheet is worth checking out!

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Yana has been vegan for over a year and a half. You can find her in the kitchen cooking up a hearty vegan meal, petting a dog she's come across, or probably eating...

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