Our newest project, VeganPlaylist.org!

Our newest project, VeganPlaylist.org!

We've released the long awaited Vegan Playlist project!

"Find and share inspirational Vegan videos! Spread the Vegan message with our curated playlists, or create your own from our huge video library. Quickly create custom playlists for your friends and family that would connect with them the most, or discover videos that help you with your own activism!"

Link: https://VeganPlaylist.org

If you have someone in mind and you'd like to introduce them to Veganism, normally you'll just send them the best video(s) that helped you transition first. Finding the right video, the "best video", the one you think will have the most impact for them personally, is often pretty hard. Vegan Playlist allows you to customize and build a playlist of Vegan videos that you think will be the most impactful to share to your friends or family!

For example, if your friend connects more to the environmental aspects, create a custom playlist and add videos that you think will have the most impact! If your friend is just learning how to cook, use our search to find 5 minutes recipe videos and create a playlist that has their favorite veganized foods!

We've gone ahead and pre-built several playlists on our homepage that have our "must watch" videos inside! Some of our playlists include the best vegan speeches, documentaries, debates, sketches, guides and activism! If you're already Vegan but want to brush up on your knowledge, find a playlist and enjoy!

Lastly, if you post and perform vegan activism / discussion on reddit fairly often, create a playlist or use an existing one and link to them to help others! Videos are fantastic media to share and easy to consume, so add the "New to Veganism? Watch this!" playlist link to posts when you're helping someone transition, and so on!

We're gearing up for the next project as we type, and we want to make sure to thank all of our Patrons for the support they gave both financially and with feedback for VeganPlaylist.org.

Thanks so much and see you at the next update! :)

About the Author
David van Beveren

David van Beveren founded the Vegan Hacktivists in 2019. He lives in the Netherlands with his partner and 4 girl rats. In his spare time he spends time on reddit moderating the /r/Vegan community, playing his handpan, or doing various forms of animal rights activism.