It's been a while! New Projects, Advisors, and more!

It's been a while! New Projects, Advisors, and more!

Hey everyone!

It's been a while - we're not so great at keeping our blog up to date, but we promise on the flip-side we have been doing great with our organizations activism! 😅 

A lot has happened in 2020! 🐄 

Let's start with the two really big things that took up most of our half-year:

Save Movement

We were able to build the Save Movement (now known as Animal Save Movement)'s new website! This website should be live soon but it was a pleasure to work with Animal Save's team to build them something that is going to be far cleaner and more modern.

Animal Rebellion

We were also able to build Animal Rebellion's new website! We're in the process of pushing it out live as we write this, very exciting, and we've never worked with a more passionate bunch of activists before. We're really thankful that they reached out to us for support and we really think everyone is going to love how their new site runs and looks.

Some other updates include: 🐤 

―We launched a new team! Team Carrot, lead by project leader Daniel. We'll be making a separate post describing the project they are working on right now, it's exciting!

―We've made some vital structural changes to how our teams communicate, work and track - our project leaders have been set-up with better tools to collaborate with their teams in a easy and efficient way. Our work has sped up without losing quality as a result!

―We completely re-did our instagram! If you haven't already, go follow us there @veganhacktivists, we've been able to forge some great relationships with other activists with the goal of supporting and collaborating with them.

―We've been working on a super secret project, a new street outreach organization that has the tools to measure the effectiveness of their individuals outreach. We can't reveal much more then that but keep an eye out, it's going to be game changing!

―We now have Seb Alex and Mic The Vegan as advisors! Advisors provide us a lot of value when we ask for advice with our upcoming projects. We created the advisor program because we know that we don't know everything, we prefer to learn from others!

―We also have some big big news for Vegan Bootcamp coming up, but we'll also be making a separate post just for that! Keep an eye out on our patreon / your email.

―We're finally confident enough with our infrastructure to be able to start trying to double the amount of teams we have, so if you know another 40 or so vegan developers... send them our way, positions are open again! :)

That's it! 🐖 

We plan on doing better with our blog- thanks for bearing with us. Your support means the world to us. If you have any questions, leave a comment below - and thank you again!

David 🐟

Vegan Hacktivists

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David van Beveren

David van Beveren founded the Vegan Hacktivists in 2019. He lives in the Netherlands in a committed relationship with his 16 plants. In his spare time he moderates the /r/Vegan community, plays his handpan, or does various forms of animal rights activism in his local community.

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