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In This Season of COVID-19 Self-Isolating: Try Vegan!

Written by David van Beveren | July 27, 2020

In this season of COVID-19 self-isolating and social distancing, one of the silver linings has been the opportunity to make more headway in self-development, whether that’s learning a new instrument, getting back into art, or teaching your pup some new tricks. If life’s just been too busy, then it’s also provided some free time to finally read that book or watch that TV show!

If you’ve been curious about veganism, then there’s never been a time like now to give it a shot, especially if you’re living in an area where most doors are still closed. For a lot of people that want to try to make the transition, one of the big obstacles is going out to eat with friends and finding vegan options that aren’t just some fries and a sad salad, but social distancing means that there’s more opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, or just have some more control over your diet in general.

For that extra push, Vegan Hacktivists developed Vegan Bootcamp—https://veganbootcamp.org/—a totally free, 30-day challenge that provides a wide range of resources to help anyone who’s vegan-curious to make the transition. There’s a wealth of information on why veganism is so valuable not only to the animals, but also to your health and the environment, and motivating clips of animals to remind you of why you started the challenge in the first place! As you move through the 30 days, you earn points that can be used on coupons to use at small vegan businesses.

On your next grocery trip, maybe you could try getting tofu instead of eggs for a “scrambled tofu” or a coconut milk-based creamer for your morning coffee! A dollar is a vote, so just trying out some vegan products is supporting the movement, and that’s how you can be helping out from home.

 And if you’re already vegan, then invite a friend or family member to try the challenge! As soon as you sign up for the challenge, an invitation link unique to you is created for you to share. You can track how many folks have signed up and completed the challenge. Based on our surveys, we know that the majority of people who complete the challenge continue to live a vegan lifestyle, so there’s some activism with just the click of a button (or, a few)!

About the Author
David van Beveren

David van Beveren is founder and team leader of Vegan Hacktivists. In 2019, he founded the animal rights tech organization to promote vegan activism and to address gaps in data and technology in the vegan movement.